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BestAngle Consulting Group offers contract product management and marketing services to help your team increase revenue and build customer loyalty. 

Brand Development

Our team has the experience to review your brand, reputation and product lineup with a results-oriented perspective. We can identify strong and weak areas in your messaging, advertising, reputation and web content. We will analyze the competition and help you develop and execute strategy and campaigns to gain and retain customers.

SEO and Campaign Management

You want more qualified leads to discover and convert on your site. Our staff will audit your existing web design and recommend how to optimize your content for organic search and conversion. We will review display and search ads, landing pages and offer improvements to your paid marketing programs. We can recommend keyword, content and link building strategies, integrated media buys, display/search ad placements and manage your advertising program to save you time and money.

Affiliate Marketing

If you have an online business, we can help you plan, launch and manage an affiliate program or advise you on which networks are the best fit for your products. We will design a program that generates quality traffic and help you empower your affiliates to make more money for you. We can help you build your affiliate program with affiliate communications, collateral, promotions, pricing and reporting that gets results.

Email Marketing

You need to talk to your customers and prospects often to build awareness, generate new sales and build customer satisfaction. We can help develop, test, execute and improve email campaigns for lead generation, brand building, retention, and growth in revenue.

Social Media Marketing

Are your products and services being talked about and shared in the social networks, blogs, bookmarks, twitter, and groups that relate to your customers? We help develop viral marketing campaigns to maximize online discussions and generate more traffic to your site. We can craft your social media plan, help develop a social media policy, and train staff to monitor your reputation and initiate and participate in social media conversations to build your brand.

Community Marketing

You have a customer service program but are you really engaging your customers? Your satisfied customer will recommend your product and your dissatisfied customer will help you build your next successful products and services. We can help you to optimize your website and communications program and build your customer community to make your customer your best advocate and a powerful source of referrals.

Content Marketing and User Experience

Video content, rich media and dynamic campaigns will get you noticed. Your marketing collateral needs to be short, fresh and engaging and deliver key benefits to your audience. Our creative team has years of experience and will get your customers engaged with your brand. We'll help you create, update and measure web content that provides an engaging user experience to increase time spent and visit frequency to your site.

Web Site Optimization

By carefully defining the lead to sales process and conversion goals, BestAngle Consulting Group will help you improve response and conversion rates on your campaigns and web site projects. We can help you implement low cost web analytics and use web tools to identify problem areas to ensure that all of your web assets are targeted and optimized for revenue producing results.